About Us

Sakura Wellness is a family owned small business, we started out with a simple dream to bring the benefits of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to our clients. TCM focuses on a vital life force energy called Qi or Chi, we believe that illness occurs when there’s an imbalance between yin and yang. These are the components that make up your life force, TMC addresses the biosystem as a whole instead of using single molecules on single targets, the aim is to change the bioenvironment of the body (overall immune system) to achieve long-lasting effects.

We offer the best and most affordable massage therapy, bodywork and wellness programs in Miami. Our relaxing and impeccably clean facility meets all the healthcare standards. Our professional practitioners are hand-picked based on education, experience, friendliness, and the ability to provide real results for our clients. Our success in treating numerous ailments and providing pain relief made us one of the best massage spa in Miami. We believe that with consistent and quality bodywork in conjunction with mindful self-care, you can experience optimal health and well-being.

License MM39577